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Providing a straightforward, effective patient experience is a challenge. Healthcare firms struggle with patient engagement, boosting efficiency, and generating a healthy bottom line. It can be challenging to address patient engagement while still promoting a healthy bottom line—the two goals may even occasionally conflict. This is why it’s so important to concentrate on automation within a sales cycle that is clinically driven. 90% of healthcare financial directors want automation technologies created for healthcare revenue cycle management, according to the 2021 Annual Report on Revenue Cycle Automation. It can be challenging to reallocate team members to patient outreach or other high impact tasks when automation is not being used in revenue cycle management responsibilities. In the end, our goal is to assist healthcare businesses in lessening the clamour around the patient experience. There may be missed chances to increase revenue cycle efficiency and reduce noise if people, processes, and technology are not exploited to their best capacity. By lowering the noise, we enable patients to concentrate on their care, which is what matters most.

Code Matrix clinically driven revenue cycle is the answer

Clinically focused Patient-focused. The basis for the Code Matrix revenue cycle is that. In order to influence financial outcomes, a clinically driven revenue cycle (CDRC) employ data gathered by physicians during patient care. In this approach, a properly implemented CDRC seeks to avoid duplicative data entry, precisely record charges, coordinate authorization requirements, and anticipate financial commitments – all to give you confidence in billing accuracy while revolutionising how your teams communicate. Automation technologies and embedded third-party intelligence that aims to identify errors early, cut down on repetitive operations, and draw your team’s attention to the most crucial accounts can also help them concentrate on the jobs that matter the most.

Code Matrix is committed to optimising procedures while establishing connections between healthcare companies and communities.

Our RCM solutions assist businesses in concentrating on what really matters:

  • Giving patients a compassionate experience.
  • Convenience and openness for your neighbourhood

By optimising the patient financial experience across digital and staff-assisted workflows, you may give your community ease and transparency when seeking medical attention.

  • Change the way teams work together

Transforming team collaboration across a clinically driven revenue cycle to capture charges, coordinate permission requirements, and forecast financial commitments will increase confidence in billing accuracy.

  • Measure, forecast, and improve

Give revenue cycle leaders the tools they need to analyse, forecast, and improve financial performance. Inefficiencies are addressed by optimization services to assist you maximise your revenue.

Our Services

Our people, process and technology will help you to reduce your operational costs, increase productivity and add more clients.

Medical Coding

Expert coding services can empower your organization to achieve the results you expect and deserve.

Medical Billing

Provide the most comprehensive medical billing services utilizing advanced technology and experienced staff

AR Follow Up

We recover funds as quickly as possible while, reorganizing, recruiting, and training our staff to perform these functions efficiently.

Cutting Edge

  • Certified Coding resources
  • Scalability with smooth transition ensured
  • A dedicated team of coders, billers and AR analyst with a team leader and an account manager will be religiously assigned to your practice
  • 24 x 7 accessibility and availability
  • Review and assessment on previous coding encounters
  • We post claims accurately that highlights overall billing efficiency and analyzes reasons for low inflows
  • Assistance on coding denial management
  • Multispecialty coding exposure, with a strong back up and bench strength
  • Clinical documentation enhancement for all providers across all the specialties is provided, wherever found wanting


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