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Tips For Succeeding In Medical Billing and Coding School

Health Insurance companies and healthcare providers know that error-free medical coding is a vital element of the United States healthcare system. Firstly, it helps the healthcare industry to ensure timely reimbursement for patient care services and secondly, it helps to ensure that healthcare providers are able to maintain accurate and complete medical (EHR) records. The […]

Exploring The Benefits Of Outsourcing Medical Billing And Coding

A study published in the Journal of AHIMA in 2015 found that outsourcing billing and coding services to specialized healthcare companies led to higher accuracy, better collection rates, and increased efficiency. The study also found that many healthcare organizations saw a return on their investment within the first year of outsourcing their billing and coding [...]

Five Strategies To Improve Medical Billing and Coding Efficiencies

Medical billing and coding is a complex and integral component of healthcare and medical economics. To improve efficiency, healthcare facilities are investing in automated systems that streamline the claims for reimbursement and are hiring experienced medical coders with up-to-date knowledge of coding practices. Providing ongoing education to compliance staff and implementing quality control measures such [...]