What does Our Medical Coding Service provide?

CodeMatrix’s medical coding services are designed to provide professional coding solutions for medical facilities. With experienced coders and a comprehensive set of tools and resources, CodeMatrix is committed to providing the following:

  • Protect your business from legal and financial risks by enlisting the help of professional coders. Gain invaluable insights through impartial reviews that prepare you for potential OIG and RAC audits.
  • By proactive claims and reviewing documents, you can catch common coding and modifier errors that can lead to denials or costly reimbursement changes.
  • Maximize your revenue by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your contracts, claims, and payments to uncover potential underpayments.
  • Any required education and training for your healthcare provider.
CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC- Medical Coding Outsourcing Service Providers

We take the certification, training, and experience of our medical coders seriously. Our top priority is ensuring quality and security in all of our work. To maintain compliance and accuracy, our team guarantees no less than a 99% accuracy rate. By working with us, you can trust that your facility will receive the highest level of coding expertise and partnership available. Rest easy knowing that our AHIMA and/or AAPC-certified medical coding specialists are dedicated to providing excellent service.

Our 3-Tier Quality Assurance Process detects and corrects any coding and/or compliance problems to ensure our coding is exact every time. Our coding solutions provide a quick and customizable turnaround time, providing your facility the ability to easily secure proper coding swiftly.

Specialities CodeMatrix Handles

CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC has developed expertise in a range of medical specialties, allowing them to provide exceptional services in the following areas:


Anesthesia coding involves intricate challenges due to complex procedures, varying anesthesia types, and evolving coding guidelines. Accurately coding different base units, time-based units, modifiers, and medical direction scenarios requires specialized knowledge



Auditing Services

CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC offers auditing services to medical practices, ensuring compliance with coding and documentation guidelines. Their auditing expertise helps identify potential coding errors, documentation gaps, and areas for improvement. By conducting comprehensive audits, they assist practices in reducing compliance risks and optimizing revenue.

Urgent Care

Urgent care coding presents technical challenges arising from diverse patient cases, rapid turnover, and complex coding scenarios. Navigating different levels of care, varying procedures, and accurately capturing urgent care-specific services requires specialized expertise.



E&M Services

Evaluation and Management (E&M) services play a crucial role in medical billing. CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC specializes in E&M coding, documentation, and level selection. Their expertise ensures compliant and accurate billing for E&M services across various medical specialties, supporting optimized revenue capture.



From endoscopies and colonoscopies to complex interventions like ERCPs and stent placements, accurately coding these procedures requires in-depth knowledge. Navigating through the numerous CPT codes, modifiers, and documentation intricacies demands specialized expertise.The evolving nature of gastroenterology guidelines, coupled with the need to differentiate between screening, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures, adds another layer of complexity. Moreover, gastroenterology involves a multitude of anatomical sites and varying levels of procedures, making the coding process inherently intricate. The ability to capture nuanced details in clinical documentation and translate them into precise codes requires skilled coders familiar with gastroenterology terminology and procedures.


Dermatology coding presents distinctive challenges due to the wide spectrum of conditions, procedures, and treatments within the field. Accurately coding skin biopsies, lesion removals, excisions, and complex repairs demands a nuanced understanding of dermatology terminology and practices. The intricacies of anatomical locations, lesion sizes, and varying levels of procedures further add to the complexity.Dermatology also involves differentiating between cosmetic and medically necessary procedures, which require specific coding approaches and modifiers. Additionally, the evolving nature of coding guidelines and the necessity to accurately capture diagnoses linked to skin conditions contribute to the technical intricacies.


Cardiology coding poses technical challenges due to complex diagnostic tests, a wide array of procedures, and evolving coding guidelines. Accurately capturing various cardiology interventions, implantable devices, and nuanced modifiers requires expert understanding. Precise coding ensures compliance, maximizes reimbursements, and mitigates claim discrepancies in this rapidly advancing medical field.

Pain Management

Pain management coding encompasses multifaceted challenges stemming from the intricate nature of procedures and diverse treatments. The dynamic landscape of pain management involves a wide array of interventions such as injections, nerve blocks, neurostimulation, and multidisciplinary approaches, each requiring precise coding. Additionally, evolving coding guidelines, variable documentation, and nuanced differentiation between acute and chronic pain scenarios contribute to the complexity.

What Innovative Methods Does CodeMatrix Use?

CodeMatrix uses the following method in our coding process:

  • Patient documents or superbills or EMRs transmitted by clients are fetched.
  • Documents are assessed by medical coders for completeness, quality, and readability.
  • Diagnosis, procedure codes, and modifiers are applied as per the client’s description.
  • Certain codes are modified to meet the payer-specific requirement or specification.
  • Completed claims go through a secondary assessment to ensure accuracy before submission.
  • Clean claims are then submitted electronically on time.
  • Claim submission is confirmed after a week to ensure timeliness.

Contact CodeMatrix today at 316-519-4037 or email us at info@thecodematrix.com if you wish to avail of our medical coding services.


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