Medical Coding

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Do you have sluggish turnaround times and low accuracy scores when it comes to medical coding? Medical coding must be precise and efficient in order to maintain the healthcare revenue cycle. Your bottom line is affected if certain KPIs decline. You can finally reach an efficient revenue cycle with your very own staff of knowledgeable coders from Code Matrix.

An organisation offering medical coding services that aids in accelerating the revenue cycle Utilize the medical coding solution from Code Matrix to shorten your revenue cycle. Make all aspects of your medical coding efficient and predictable. Request a free estimate now!

What Our Medical Coding Service Provides

  • Expert coders can help you minimise legal and financial exposure, and unbiased reviews can get you ready for OIG and RAC audits.
  • Proactive claim and document reviews can discover coding and modifier mistakes
  • Find potential underpayments by doing a thorough audit of your contracts, claims, and payments
  • Any required education and training for your medical staff

Our coders are AHIMA and/or AAPC certified, highly trained, and experienced. Our top concerns are quality and security, and we always work to maintain compliance and guarantee accuracy of at least 95%, so you can rest easy knowing your facility is getting the greatest coding partnership experience available. Our 3-Tier Quality Assurance Process detects and corrects any coding and/or compliance

problems to ensure our coding is exact every time. Our medical coding solutions provide a quick and customizable turnaround time, providing your facility the ability to easily secure proper coding swiftly.

What’s the method used by Code Matrix?

  • Patient documents or superbills or EMRs transmitted by client are fetched
  • Documents are assessed by coders for completeness, quality and readability
  • Diagnosis, procedure codes and modifiers are applied as per client’s description
  • Certain codes are modified to meet the payer specific requirement or specification
  • Completed claims go through a secondary assessment to ensure accuracy before submission
  • Clean claims are then submitted electronically on time
  • Claim submission is confirmed after a week to ensure timeliness