Our Revenue Cycle Management Services

We Offer Different Services

Medical Coding

Medical coding services from CodeMatrix is a comprehensive medical coding solution that enables healthcare practitioners, providers, and facilities to accurately and efficiently process patient claims. The service we provide utilizes the most up-to-date coding standards and best practices, ensuring that claims are processed quickly and accurately. All of our coders work in a secure environment, ensuring that confidential patient information is always protected.

Medical Billing

CodeMatrix’s Medical billing services provide medical practices with the necessary technology, expertise, and support to help streamline their revenue cycle management. Our comprehensive billing services include electronic claim filing, patient billing and collections, provider credentialing, coding and compliance, and revenue cycle analytics. The services we provide help you ensure the accuracy and timely reimbursement of claims, while also reducing administrative costs.

AR Follow Up

CodeMatrix’s Accounts receivable follow up service includes analysis of unpaid claims and denials to identify the primary cause of nonpayment. We communicate crisply with insurance providers or other payers to resolve discrepancies in payment. Our AR Followup service also includes negotiation of payment terms or other arrangements to ensure timely payment, review of contractual arrangements to ensure compliance, reconciliation of accounts receivable balances to ensure accuracy. We also monitor payment trends to identify root causes of non-payment besides following up on aged receivables to maximize cash flow.