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CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC is a professional revenue cycle management company that is a leading provider of medical coding and billing services in the United States. We deliver top-notch RCM services that quite often generate maximum ROI for our healthcare providers. We uphold complete openness, integrity, and conformity to the severe standards governing medical billing processes.

With an indomitable spirit to succeed, CodeMatrix made a modest start in 2015 from a small home office with a team of four. Today, with the combined professional experience of over 60 plus years, we are determined to serve you to the fullest of our potential with uncompromising quality and dedication.

Our combination of stable resources, advanced technology, and Six Sigma methodology has resulted in great success stories. Our certified resources deliver with high precision based on each client’s requirements. Our potential customer delivery team is driven by quality and excellence to ensure consistency, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction

List of Medical Services We Provide

At CodeMatrix, we’ve got fast electronic billing down to a science. Our top-of-the-line medical coding and billing services are designed to get our clients paid quickly and accurately. With years of knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Regarding keeping up with healthcare industry changes and laws, CodeMatrix is always one step ahead of the game, ensuring our clients don’t have to worry about compliance risk. We have a proven track record of regularly saving our clients time and money. Our services include:

medical billing (1)

Medical Billing

medical coding

Medical Coding


A/R Follow Up

medical bill

Medical Bill Review

Why Choose CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC?

Dedicated and Experienced Team

Scalability and Continual Improvement

At CodeMatrix, a dedicated team of coders, billers, and A/R analysts with a team leader and an Account Manager will be assigned to your practice. Our ease of availability and accessibility ensure round-the-clock support and convenience for our clients across different time zones. We correctly publish claims highlighting overall billing efficiency and providing insights into the causes of low revenue inflow. Through automation, medical language, network providers, and claim filings, we attempt to help you optimize your revenue while reducing noise around the patient experience.

For expert assistance and comprehensive support in urgent care medical coding and billing contact CodeMatrix MedPartners LLC at (469) 854 3550 or email info@thecodematrix.com. Let us help you navigate the complexities of medical coding while maximizing your revenue potential.


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